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Why you need a discovery consultant

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Increase revenue.

Outsourcing your discovery work gives you back valuable time you can use to increase your earnings. How?

1. By using freed up hours to increase your case load.

2. Spending that time on activities only you can do that demand a higher billing rate. 

3. Adding your reasonable surcharge on top of JDS's billed hours.


Under Formal Opinion 08-451 issued by the ABA, attorneys are permitted to bill clients a surcharge for work performed by a legal support contractor as long as the work is billed as "legal services" rather than a disbursement/cost, the fee as a whole is reasonable, and the attorney complies with Rules 1.1, 5.1 and 5.3 of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

Contracting lawyers and non-lawyers

ABA Opinion

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Decrease delays.

A top frustration of clients is feeling like their case hasn't progressed as quickly as they thought it would.


Having your time spread thin by a growing caseload will inevitably lead to shifting priorities and putting out fires as they pop up. Other work gets moved to the back burner out of necessity, which clients rarely understand.

By delegating time-consuming discovery tasks to JDS, you can focus on what matters most: providing exceptional legal counsel to your clients. JDS  streamlines your litigation process, which improves overall efficiency so that you can save time while moving your cases forward.

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Improve client satisfaction.

If you work in litigation long enough, you know that client expectations are often hard to meet because you're juggling many cases. It's the nature of private practice.


Simply put, a client who feels their case is getting the attention they expect is much more manageable.


Satisfied clients are more likely to return with additional business, refer other clients, and leave positive reviews. All of these are key to maintaining and growing your practice

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