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How it works

Getting started is easy...

Are you a new client who needs help with discovery preparation?

  • Schedule a brief initial call to answer some questions about your discovery preferences, which will be used for all of your cases gong forward. 

  • E-Sign our Service Agreement (cancel at anytime).

  • Provide basic information for each case.

  • On completion of a conflicts check, simply share access to the case file(s) via Dropbox.

Existing clients only need to complete steps 3 and 4 for new cases.

Once your discovery is completed, the drafts (including any exhibits) will be available in your Dropbox file for review, printing or E-signing, and finally, service on opposing counsel.

Invoicing is sent electronically and all time is tracked for ease of billing your clients. Payment may be made by check or electronic payment through JDS's portal directly from your invoice.


JD Solutions does not draft pleadings, motions, returns, affidavits,

briefs or other documents associated with litigation. 

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