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What we do

Discovery is one of the most time consuming areas of the litigation process. Few attorneys enjoy pouring over a file to figure out which information to obtain, not to mention once it begins, you're constantly chasing deadlines. Responding to discovery is an even bigger burden, requiring you to block off large chunks of time to complete. Instead of pushing it aside, let JDS focus on your discovery obligation so that you can stay ahead and remain focused on growing your firm.

Laptop and Paperwork

After a brief consultation, JDS will:

  • Review case filings and documentation to pinpoint evidence to strengthen your argument.

  • Draft initial or supplemental discovery to the opposing party.

  • Strategically respond to discovery served by the opposing party.  

  • Assemble discovery responses and related exhibits. 

  • Bates Stamping available upon request.  

All cases are conflicts checked prior to accepting a project.

*All cases must be in electronic format with files uploaded

to a Dropox folder shared with JDS, LLC.

JD Solutions does not draft pleadings, motions, returns, affidavits,

briefs or other documents associated with litigation. 

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